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vancouver dentist cavities kidsAll four of our dentists at Kits Family Dental treat kids cavities and have pretty much seen it all.

We’re so familiar with treating kids cavities, we even published a YouTube video on it!

We understand that fixing kids cavities is bit of a nerve-wracking experience for parents.

It can be for the kids too, but we have a lot of tricks up our sleeve to help the children stay calm and distracted while we do the treatment. We know that it can help to let the child know what is involved in the treatment, what is coming next and what to expect, to the level that is appropriate for their age. Holding hands, singing and having cute names for things all feature prominently, and really work!

For the parents we are happy to spend time with you to explain the options and the treatment more fully, until you feel comfortable.

Here’s the link to our YouTube video. Our video ‘Pediatric Fillings – Patient is 4 Years Old’ is our second most popular video and currently has over 34,000 views!

So, perhaps you can take some solace knowing that other parents, children (and dentists!) have been there, done that…and hopefully gained a lot of experience along the way. We certainly have.

Kids Cavity Prevention – Flouride

We’re all about prevention at Kits Family Dental and if your child has some cavities now, we see that as a great opportunity to get ahead of future cavities by preventing them altogether. If your child is still very young, perhaps you can avoid them getting any cavities at all in their adult teeth. How wonderful would that be! 

As a preventative measure, we believe in and recommend flouride for the prevention of cavities in even young children. The water in Vancouver is not flouridated so it is safe to have some supplemental flouride. There are tablets in fun shapes that have the childrens’ age ranges they are for right on the bottle. These come in fun shapes like airplanes which the kids might like and each age range has a different color on the bottle, which can be great for families with little ones of different ages.

There are also fun colors and flavors of flouride rinse, if your children are old enough to understand not to swallow it, the recommended age is usually on the bottle for these too. Bright pink liquid in a bottle with a princess or blue liquid with a superhero on it, you get the idea!

Sugar Happens

The last thing we want to do is stress everyone out and have you thinking that avoiding sugar altogether is the way to go.

In our opinion, sugar is a part of our lives to a certain extent and managing tooth enamel can be a great way to go.

Read our post on How to Remineralize Teeth and let go of the stress and guilt around sugar and children’s teeth. Xylitol gum or lozenges, flouride and MI Paste are all discussed. As well as trying to shift the mindset from ‘sugar is bad, avoid sugar as much as possible and then feel concerned/guilty when we eat it’ to ‘yes, sugar is part of modern life, what can we do to counteract some of the damage’.

Interestingly, it’s how often sugar is eaten rather than the quantity that matters. Good to keep in mind and perhaps some strategic xylitol gum chewing if you know it’s going to be a sugary day.

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