Sonicare for Kids

Sonicare for Kids is specifically designed to help kids build healthy brushing habits for life. With its kid-friendly features and clinically proven results, Sonicare for Kids helps parents teach their children to brush —supporting the transition from brushing together to independent brushing. Sonicare for Kids delivers superior results through every brushing phase. Kits Family Dental carries Sonicare for Kids in their Vancouver / Kitsilano office.

What’s in the Sonicare for Kids Box?

The Sonicare for Kids box includes two brush heads for ages 4+ and 7+, three interchangeable panels, one rechargeable handle, one sturdy charger base with brush head storage. 

Specially designed features for more effective brushing – Sonicare for Kids:

  KidTimer helps kids reach the recommended two-minute brushing time – it progressively increases length of time over 90 days     Two distinct brush head sizes specifically designed to gently clean and protect teeth at key developmental phases
  Rubber Overmold protects children’s teeth     Interchangeable panels allow kids to customize their toothbrush handle
  Two kid-friendly power modes provide gentle cleaning appropriate for different ages: low mode for 4+ and high mode for 7+     Ergonomic Handle is designed with various gripping locations, facilitating shared or independent brushing
  With KidPacer, fun sounds encourage kids to brush the front and back of both upper and lower teeth     Patented sonic technology helps your child gently and effectively clean deep between teeth and along the gumline


About Kits Family Dental

At Kits Family Dental, we love seeing even the youngest patients. We recommend that you bring your child for their first visit after their first teeth erupt, at around 6 months of age. We make sure these early visits are lots of fun, so we can help your child develop a positive attitude towards dental visits.
The first visit examination for children under 3 years old is FREE!