Dental Assistant

Lesley was born and raised in Vancouver and graduated from the Certified Dental Assisting program at Vancouver Community College. She is committed to providing patient education and comfort, and assists Dr. Mak during patient care procedures. If you are nervous about your treatment or uneasy about being at the dentist’s, don’t be! She will distract you with her friendly banter about random pop culture scandals or the latest Canucks trade/rumour. Lesley is dedicated to keeping up-to-date in the field of dentistry by taking Continuing Education courses and attending events to further her professional development. When she’s not at work, you can find her relaxing at the beach, working off stress at BootCamp and channelling her inner Martha Stewart and baking up yummy desserts! Get on her good side by flossing. BTW: she can tell when you’re fibbing about it!