We Love this Post “Simple Hacks For a Celebrity Smile”

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We love this post Simple Hacks For a Celebrity Smile from Pearl Dental in NYC.

There is a great list of simple hacks you can do at home. Pick and choose what works for you. While drinking coffee through a straw or coating the teeth with Vaseline likely won’t be the ones we choose, we can definitely see how they would help!

For some people, these may even be their top picks.

Let us know how it goes if you try any. We’re also interested if anyone will try all the hacks!

Very Easy Ways to Whiten Teeth Fast

  • choosing a toothpaste with baking soda – easy!
  • eating crunchy fruits and veggies – yum!
  • using an electric toothbrush – this can actually save time on my routine, or at least make the time spent much more efficient.
  • rub a banana peel (the inside of it) against your teeth and try to keep your mouth open and your teeth away from your lips for ten minutes – cue up Netflix for this one.

For most of us in Vancouver, BC, a visit to Dr. Perlroth in the Financial District of New York City probably isn’t on the agenda any time soon.

So, visit us at Kits Family Dental in Kitsilano. We have Pola whitening kits, a combo of dental office and at home whitening.  Basically, we provide the customized trays and bleaching gel, determine the strength of gel that is right for you and guide you on how long to wear the gel trays daily.

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