Tooth Bridge Cost in Vancouver BC

vancouver bridge tooth costs

Crowns? Bridges? Is your dentist talking about fairy tales involving princesses and crossing moats? Of course not! Your dentist is telling you about restorative treatments for your teeth!

If a tooth is injured or missing, it’s important to repair or replace it with an artificial one; crowns and bridges improve both the appearance of your teeth as well as your overall dental health. Kits Family Dental will help you cover the basics:


A dental bridge is an artificial tooth to replace one or more of your natural teeth. Dental bridges are known as a fixed partial denture, and is permanently cemented to the surrounding teeth to keep it in place. Bridges, like crowns, are also extremely durable and generally last for approximately 10 years with good care. You may want a bridge for several reasons:

  • replacing missing teeth prevents other teeth from drifting out of place
    • this may cause jaw problems
    • this can affect the way your teeth fit together
    • this can affect your ability to chew normally
  • failing to replace missing teeth can cause the remaining teeth surrounding the gap to become more susceptible to decay and gum disease

How Much Does a Tooth Bridge Cost in Vancouver BC?

A basic 3 unit bridge starts from around $2600. Of course, the more teeth involved, the more expensive it is. Insurance usually covers a percentage of the bridge cost, though some policies won’t cover crowns/bridges/dentures at all – just cleanings and fillings.

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Think you could benefit from a crown or a bridge? Let us know! At Kits Family Dental, we can let you know the cost of a dental bridge or dental crown and how it can transform how you look and feel!




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