Treatment Options for a Cracked Tooth – Cracked Tooth Vancouver

Did you know that cracked teeth are quite common? Most patients don’t know this and can be quite surprised when they find out they have a cracked tooth. This post outlines treatments if you have a cracked tooth Vancouver.

Why do teeth crack?

Teeth can crack from wear over time and also from tooth grinding. Ceramic crowns can be quite hard on opposing teeth. These reasons, along with falls or sports injuries, can cause or contribute to a crack.

What is the treatment for a cracked tooth?

When a tooth has a crack, the first option is a dental crown. This can fix the problem, but if the problem is deeper into the tooth dentin, then a root canal may be needed. With these two options, in most cases, the tooth will be saved. In some more challenging cases, however, tooth removal and an implant may be necessary.

Check out this quick, informative and friendly video about tooth cracks:

We really like this video where Dr. Leonard Tau, a Philadelphia dentist, explains to a patient the possible causes and treatments. The video is 1 minute, 25 seconds and he and his patient are very likable and keep the pace moving right along. He delivers a lot of easily digestible information in this short video. It’s well worth a watch.


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If this has got you wondering what a dental crown is or how much a crown costs in Vancouver, BC, then we hope our previous blog post on the topic will be of help. Also, here’s a post on Dental Options to Replace Missing Teeth, it includes information on implants.

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