Teach Me How to Brushy – Kids Brushing Teeth

Do your kids think you’re always nagging them to brush their teeth? Speak to them in their language.

Have your kids watch this fun video teaching everyone how to brushy! We bet you’ll get some laughs! You can have success with kids brushing teeth if everyone in the family gets into it. Also, see our other posting on singing while brushing kids teeth – it keeps them brushing longer!

Teenagers are a big bag of grumpy hormones. The hormones also affect their saliva and their mouth composition. Furthermore, since teenagers are also growing quickly, they eat a lot. However, they end up consuming food like burgers, chips, soda pop, and other highly processed carbohydrates — which is why we see a lot of teenagers with a thick film of plaque on their teeth. This puts them at greater risk to develop cavities on their permanent teeth, which can be a great financial burden to you as parents while they’re still dependent and also when they’re older. Make sure they visit a dentist every six months to get a professional cleaning and a dental exam to check for cavities.



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