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Cavities in Children

Learn what causes cavities in children, how to strengthen current teeth, how to re-mineralize small cavities, and how to prevent new cavities. Children love sweets, and often aren’t big fans of brushing their teeth. Combine that with cupcakes at pre-school … Continue reading

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Teach Me How to Brushy – Kids Brushing Teeth

Do your kids think you’re always nagging them to brush their teeth? Speak to them in their language. Have your kids watch this fun video teaching everyone how to brushy! We bet you’ll get some laughs! You can have success … Continue reading

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What is a Root Canal

Does the term “root canal” strike fear into your heart? Does it sound terribly painful? In reality, a root canal involves little to no discomfort! A root canal is done on a tooth with a diseased nerve and can save … Continue reading

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