New Video: Removing Tartar from Toddler’s Teeth

Our latest video shows Dr. Robin Mak doing a dental cleaning on 3 year old Avery, including removing tartar from her teeth.

Regular brushing and flossing at home won’t remove all the tartar. It’s important to get even the youngest kids in for professional cleanings. No worries though, most toddlers are able to tolerate tartar removal will little to no fuss.

Watch the Video

See how our adorable patient Avery sits nicely while Dr. Mak uses a regular scaler to remove the tartar on her teeth.

More Videos From Kits Family Dental

We have more videos on our YouTube Channel. The most popular video is A Two Year Old’s Visit to the Dentist.

Another popular one is the video of a Four Year Old Getting a Filling. This one minute video shows how the dentist and hygienist distract the young patient by singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star as the freezing is given. The hygienist is even holding her hands during the song and moving them in time with the song, how nice. The dental dam is called a Raincoat by Dr. Mak and the child is allowed to touch it and hold it while Dr. Mak explains it’s purpose. Some parents really appreciate seeing how it is possible to get cooperation from such a young child for a dental treatment. As with most parenting, distraction and explaining what is going on, (to the degree appropriate to a child’s age), can really work wonders.

About Kits Family Dental – A Dentist Office for the Whole Family

We love children at Kits Family Dental. Please bring your child in for their next dental cleaning and check up, we’ll be sure to make them (and you!) feel welcome. We’re very kid-friendly and are experienced with singing to our youngest patients. We find it can be great for comforting and distracting the little ones. We also treat adults and seniors!

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