Professional Whitening Vancouver – Pola Day & Pola Night

Professional Whitening VancouverTeeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dental treatment. It is safe and effective and has been practiced by dentists and patients for decades. A brighter smile is something people strive for and there are various treatments that can perk up dull, stained or discolored teeth. The treatments are non-invasive and can work very fast. After the first treatment is complete, many people choose to schedule regular teeth whitening touch up appointments.

Professional Whitening Vancouver – Pola Day & Pola Night

At Kits Family Dental in Kitsilano, we offer a great middle ground product. With Pola take home teeth whitening, you get custom fitted trays made at the dental office which you then use at home with a drop of Pola gel. You can wear the trays overnight or for as little as 40 minutes a day depending on the concentration of the gel your dentist supplies you with.

See our full information sheet on Pola Day and Pola Night whitening or read a snippet here:

Pola Day and Pola Night are high viscosity, neutral pH take-home tooth-whitening gels. Both are pleasantly flavoured, crystal clear sustained release gels with a unique blend of soothers, conditioners and a water content high enough to further reduce sensitivity.


  1. Brush teeth. Remove the syringe cap and insert an application tip by twisting it securely onto the syringe.
  2. Place a small drop of gel into every compartment of the tray for the teeth undergoing treatment.
  3. Seat the tray, with the gel around the teeth.
  4. Wipe away excess gel in mouth with a tissue or dry soft brush.
  5. After treatment, remove tray. Rinse tray and mouth with lukewarm water.
  6. Brush teeth.

Read more about Pola Teeth Whitening.

See our FAQs about Teeth Whitening  page.

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