POLANIGHT & POLADAY Teeth Whitening in Vancouver BC

Get immediate results with POLANIGHT and POLADAY teeth whitening in Vancouver BC!

You may not have heard of POLA teeth whitening. It’s a $200 whitening kit that comes with custom trays and includes 2 tubes of POLADAY or POLANIGHT gel that give results immediately and progress over the course of the home treatment.

The Pola Whitening Process

To whiten teeth, you carry out the procedure at home with the custom trays and the POLA gel. Depending on the the strength/system you choose, you will wear the trays and gel one to two times per day from 15 to 90 minutes (POLADAY) or overnight (POLANIGHT).

Before Your POLA Teeth Whitening Treatment

Both POLADAY and POLANIGHT come with various strengths of active ingredients. The dentist will work with you to determine which strength is right for you based on factors such as how many shades whiter you are likely to achieve without incurring damage to your teeth and gums.

After Your POLA Treatment

Touch-ups can be done every 6-12 months. The factors that caused your teeth to discolor in the first place will again start to re-stain the teeth. The treatment is safe and effective and can be repeated.

Does having noticeably whiter teeth in one visit sound great to you?

If so, please contact us for a consultation for POLA Night and POLA Day teeth Whitening Vancouver BC.

POLANIGHT teeth whitening is not typically covered by dental plans.

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