Healthy Kids Program

The Healthy Kids Program helps low-income families with costs associated with basic dental care and prescription glasses for their children.

Dependant children under 19 years of age, in families approved for premium assistance by the Medical Services Plan (MSP) through the Ministry of Health Services, are automatically registered with the Healthy Kids Program.

Coverage under the Healthy Kids Program

Dental- Children are eligible for $1400 of basic dental services over 24 months. This coverage includes services such as exams, x-rays, fillings, cleanings and extractions. Dentists can advise families of other services that may be covered.

How to access services under the Healthy Kids Program

Before any dental or optical services begin, families need to show their child’s BC CareCard to their dentist or eye specialist who will confirm the child’s eligibility under the Healthy Kids Program.

The Province pays dentists and eye specialists directly for the services children receive.
Additional charges over and above what the Healthy Kids Program will cover are the responsibility of the family.

For more information, contact: The Ministry of Housing and Social Development Info Line at: 1 866 866-0800

Kits Family Dental gladly accepts children covered under the Healthy Kids Program and always tries to stay within the spending limits of the program. Click here to make an appointment today.