Dental Filling Cost Vancouver

dental filing costs vancouver bcWe receive many calls requesting information on the cost of fillings, so we thought this would be a great topic to provide more info on.

There is a huge range in the price for fillings because it depends on the size of the filling, which tooth, and what material is used. For example, white fillings cost more than silver fillings. This price difference may or may not be covered by dental insurance in molar teeth, in which case the patient can make up the difference if they so do desire.

Here are the price ranges. Keep in mind that if you have dental insurance, they will cover part or all of the payment depending on your plan details:

Dental filling cost on primary teeth ranges from $85.30 – $283.00.

Dental filling cost on adults ranges from $105.00 – $384.00.

Here are some quick facts on White and Silver fillings:

Silver fillings:

One of the safest, most durable and least expensive materials used to a fill a cavity.

White Fillings:


  • They will be the same colour as your teeth.
  • Less costly than gold fillings.
  • These are direct fillings, so they can be done in one appointment, in most cases.


  • These fillings can break more easily than amalgam or gold fillings, and may not last as long.
  • These fillings cost more than silver fillings.
  • Recurrent decay is more of a problem than with silver or gold fillings.

To recap, at Kits Family Dental in Vancouver, BC, a filling will range from $85 – $384. Kits Family Dental follows the BCDA’s suggested fee guide. Find out more about how we set our costs here.

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