Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth - Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth


Sensitive Teeth can be a real problem, considering most people use their teeth several times a day to eat. Drinking can also be a problem. For some of our patients, anything other than a body temperature drink can cause tooth discomfort.

As you can see in the infographic, there are many common causes of sensitive teeth and we often see these concerns in our dental clinic. As outlined above, the most common causes that we encounter are:

  • Pressure on teeth from grinding or clenching
  • A cracked tooth
  • Tooth whitening
  • Dental treatment such as deep fillings, crown placement and tooth cleanings
  • Thinning of the tooth enamel due to over-brushing or erosion
  • Dental decay
  • Poor oral hygiene that leads to plaque or tartar build up
  • Gum disease with possible recession and root exposure.

Managing Sensitive Teeth

Preventative care is of course the best first defense against developing sensitive teeth. Practicing good oral care habits and visiting the dentist regularly are very important. But, for those of us who have tooth sensitivity already, MI Paste can help in some situations. MI Paste helps remineralize calcium and phosphate directly to the areas that need it. Read more about MI Paste or purchase MI Paste at our Vancouver BC dental office in Kitsilano.

Using a soft bristled toothbrush and not brushing with too much force can help to protect tooth enamel.

To make the home dental care routine as easy as possible, some of our patients love the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush. It has a Sensitive Mode for people with sensitive teeth and gums. These toothbrushes are available for purchase here at Kits Family Dental. Read more about the different Toothbrush Modes.

Find out about Home Remedies For Sensitive Teeth in our previous blog post. Our recent post on understanding the many toothpaste options available may also be of interest, especially the Abrasiveness Index of Common Toothpastes.

The wonderful infographic is from Read their full post here.

Contact us at Kits Family Dental. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy and pain-free teeth and gums.






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