We Love this Post “Simple Hacks For a Celebrity Smile”

ways to whiten teeth fast, kitsilano teeth whitening, whiter teeth at home

We love this post Simple Hacks For a Celebrity Smile from Pearl Dental in NYC.

There is a great list of simple hacks you can do at home. Pick and choose what works for you. While drinking coffee through a straw or coating the teeth with Vaseline likely won’t be the ones we choose, we can definitely see how they would help!

For some people, these may even be their top picks.

Let us know how it goes if you try any. We’re also interested if anyone will try all the hacks!

Very Easy Ways to Whiten Teeth Fast

  • choosing a toothpaste with baking soda – easy!
  • eating crunchy fruits and veggies – yum!
  • using an electric toothbrush – this can actually save time on my routine, or at least make the time spent much more efficient.
  • rub a banana peel (the inside of it) against your teeth and try to keep your mouth open and your teeth away from your lips for ten minutes – cue up Netflix for this one.

For most of us in Vancouver, BC, a visit to Dr. Perlroth in the Financial District of New York City probably isn’t on the agenda any time soon.

So, visit us at Kits Family Dental in Kitsilano. We have Pola whitening kits, a combo of dental office and at home whitening.  Basically, we provide the customized trays and bleaching gel, determine the strength of gel that is right for you and guide you on how long to wear the gel trays daily.

For more Information

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Wisdom Tooth Development Stages

Wisdom Tooth Development Stages, dentist vancouver kits family dental

Wisdom teeth usually grow in between the ages of about 17 and 21.

They are also sometimes called the ‘third molar’.

Wisdom teeth grow in sets on the top and the bottom, and they are situated at the back of the mouth, behind your molars, for a total of 4 new teeth.

Generally, people have 28 teeth. When the wisdom teeth come in, they will have 32 teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Getting wisdom teeth extracted is a fairly common procedure.

This is because wisdom teeth often don’t come in perfectly aligned and fitted into the mouth.

They can come in very crowded or sideways or become impacted (stuck and unable to grow in properly) against other teeth or bone.

What Are the Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Coming In?

It is common for wisdom teeth to be impacted. If the teeth are impacted, the wisdom tooth and root will continue to grow but won’t have enough room to develop properly. The tooth may be impacted below the gum or it may poke out only partially. 

Infection can occur when wisdom teeth only partially erupt (poke out). There will basically be an opening in the gum where food can get trapped and bacteria and infection can grow. If this is the case, having the wisdom teeth extracted can be very time sensitive. It’s important to deal with the issues of impacted, infected wisdom teeth quickly.

Sensitivity and swelling can be a key indicator that your wisdom teeth are coming in. Some swelling and sensitivity can be common even when the teeth are growing in in a healthy position. It’s a great idea to visit a dentist at this point though to determine if the teeth are growing in impacted or nice and straight. If you are experiencing pain, get in to see a dentist as quickly as possible.

Impacted teeth can sometimes cause headaches. The teeth can be lodged against other teeth or bone and causing pressure that can cause headaches. If you are normally a headache sufferer, you may not twig to this as something out of the ordinary. This is where regular dental visits will serve you well. The dentist can catch this with x-rays and recommend the best actions to take. Having a dentist involved early can often head off many of the problems of impacted teeth by removing them before the pain and symptoms kick in. Sometimes the dentist will take a wait and see approach and monitor how the teeth are developing.

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are considered evolutionary. Our cave people ancestors had a much rougher diet chewing on sticks and roughage. These teeth coming in later in life would have been a real life saver for them. For us with our softer diet (and modern dental care!) these teeth aren’t as necessary.

Crocodile Fun Fact

Interestingly, crocodiles are are able to replace each of their 80 teeth up to 50 times in their lifetime! That’s 4,000 teeth!

Kits Family Dental Can Help

We do regular xray screening keeping an eye out for developing wisdom teeth, especially in adolescents and people in their early 20’s. We see wisdom teeth starting to develop from as early as age 14 or so, usually before the parents have begun to think of it!

We’re experienced in working with older patients that have wisdom teeth as well.

Contact Kits Family Dental for an appointment. As is our motto, preventative care is really the way to go in dentistry and it is definitely the case with wisdom teeth. If we can prevent a patient from reaching a point where their wisdom teeth are impacted and painfully infected, we consider this very important work. Book your appointment online.


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POLANIGHT & POLADAY Teeth Whitening in Vancouver BC

Get immediate results with POLANIGHT and POLADAY teeth whitening in Vancouver BC!

You may not have heard of POLA teeth whitening. It’s a $200 whitening kit that comes with custom trays and includes 2 tubes of POLADAY or POLANIGHT gel that give results immediately and progress over the course of the home treatment.

The Pola Whitening Process

To whiten teeth, you carry out the procedure at home with the custom trays and the POLA gel. Depending on the the strength/system you choose, you will wear the trays and gel one to two times per day from 15 to 90 minutes (POLADAY) or overnight (POLANIGHT).

Before Your POLA Teeth Whitening Treatment

Both POLADAY and POLANIGHT come with various strengths of active ingredients. The dentist will work with you to determine which strength is right for you based on factors such as how many shades whiter you are likely to achieve without incurring damage to your teeth and gums.

After Your POLA Treatment

Touch-ups can be done every 6-12 months. The factors that caused your teeth to discolor in the first place will again start to re-stain the teeth. The treatment is safe and effective and can be repeated.

Does having noticeably whiter teeth in one visit sound great to you?

If so, please contact us for a consultation for POLA Night and POLA Day teeth Whitening Vancouver BC.

POLANIGHT teeth whitening is not typically covered by dental plans.

Kits Family Dental is a dental office in Vancouver, BC, conveniently located in Kitsilano, with flexible morning, evening, and weekend hours to easily accommodate your entire family. Our Vancouver dental office treats patients of all ages, from your baby at 6 months old to people well into their retirement years.

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Invisalign Clear Braces Are Available at Kits Family Dental

Invisalign Vancouver, invisalign Kitsilano - Dentists Vancouver, Vancouver Dentists

Kits Family Dental is located at 2223 West Broadway in Vancouver, BC. We are a team of four dentists and we have weekend and evening hours to accommodate your busy schedule. (That said, we are closed the weeks of December 21, 2017 – January 2, 2018 for a holiday break!)

Invisalign braces are becoming more and more popular with our patients. Many adults who didn’t wear braces as kids, or teens that don’t really want the full metal look that goes with traditional braces, are candidates. Invisalign braces are clear and nearly invisible. Often people won’t notice that you’re wearing them at all!

Invisalign braces are gaining popularity with the teenage crowd too. Particularly with kids in their mid or late teens, since they can be more reliable than younger kids, and therefore, will actually wear them. Teens can be quite self conscious about braces with wires, so will be willing to go along with Invisalign treatment if it means a pass on the metal wires.

Invisalign Cost and Overview

If you’re new to Invisalign, here’s a basic overview of what they are, how they work and how much they cost.

Invisalign is a series of clear, plastic aligners. Each set of aligners are worn for two weeks, you take them out to eat, drink, brush and floss. These aligners move the teeth in gradual steps.

Because the plastic aligners are taken out to eat, there are absolutely no food restrictions with Invisalign braces. With wire braces, several foods must be avoided such as popcorn, bagels, pizza crusts, corn on the cob and some candies. It’s great not having to restrict any food.

The cost of Invisalign braces is comparable to the cost of wire braces. Traditional wire braces cost on average of between $5,000 – $7,000 CAD. Simpler treatments (meaning teeth need less movement/alignment!) cost less and more complex treatments costs more. The average amount of time in braces is 1.5 – 2 years, which also can vary depending on complexity. Invisalign cost and treatment time runs about the same.

More Posts on Invisalign

Here are some more of our blogs posts on Invisalign:

Contact Kits Family Dental for Invisalign Vancouver West Broadway

We are at 209-2223 West Broadway | 604.738.1816 |

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Reviews for Kits Family Dental | Dentist Review Vancouver

Write a Review For Us or Read Our Reviews

Read or write a review for Kits Family Dental on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. We’d love to have your help sharing the word about the service we provide!

Thank You for the Great Dentist Reviews So Far!

For those who have already written a review, thanks so much! We appreciate it and look forward to providing you with high quality dental care for years to come.


We are very proud to be able to say that we have won several Best of Vancouver awards in the Georgia Straight and Best of the City from the Westender magazine. Visit our home page to see these awards.

We Have a YouTube Channel!

As an aside, did you know Kits Family Dental has a Youtube channel? You betcha. See videos such as how the caring staff go through the steps to prepare a 4 year old child for her first dental fillings or a dental check-for a 2 year old. Or take a virtual tour of our office.

About Us

Kits Family Dental is a dental office in Vancouver, conveniently located in Kitsilano, with flexible morning, evening, and weekend hours to easily accommodate your entire family. Our Vancouver dental office treats patients of all ages, from your baby at 6 months old to people well into their retirement years.
Our goal is to provide high-quality, preventive dentistry to all our patients. Our focus and commitment is towards patient education. From teaching parents how to care for their babies’ and young children’s teeth, to giving adolescents and adults the special care they may need to restore their oral health, we are here to help and guide you every step of the way. 

Contact us at Kits Family Dental:
604.738.1816 |

Dentist review Vancouver BC; Kits Family Dental is in the heart of Kitsilano!

Here are the links again, for your convenience:

  • Dentist review Vancouver Google
  • Dentist review Vancouver Yelp
  • Dentist review Vancouver FaceBook
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Kids Cavities – Experienced Vancouver Dentists at Kits Family Dental

vancouver dentist cavities kidsAll four of our dentists at Kits Family Dental treat kids cavities and have pretty much seen it all.

We’re so familiar with treating kids cavities, we even published a YouTube video on it!

We understand that fixing kids cavities is bit of a nerve-wracking experience for parents.

It can be for the kids too, but we have a lot of tricks up our sleeve to help the children stay calm and distracted while we do the treatment. We know that it can help to let the child know what is involved in the treatment, what is coming next and what to expect, to the level that is appropriate for their age. Holding hands, singing and having cute names for things all feature prominently, and really work!

For the parents we are happy to spend time with you to explain the options and the treatment more fully, until you feel comfortable.

Here’s the link to our YouTube video. Our video ‘Pediatric Fillings – Patient is 4 Years Old’ is our second most popular video and currently has over 34,000 views!

So, perhaps you can take some solace knowing that other parents, children (and dentists!) have been there, done that…and hopefully gained a lot of experience along the way. We certainly have.

Kids Cavity Prevention – Flouride

We’re all about prevention at Kits Family Dental and if your child has some cavities now, we see that as a great opportunity to get ahead of future cavities by preventing them altogether. If your child is still very young, perhaps you can avoid them getting any cavities at all in their adult teeth. How wonderful would that be! 

As a preventative measure, we believe in and recommend flouride for the prevention of cavities in even young children. The water in Vancouver is not flouridated so it is safe to have some supplemental flouride. There are tablets in fun shapes that have the childrens’ age ranges they are for right on the bottle. These come in fun shapes like airplanes which the kids might like and each age range has a different color on the bottle, which can be great for families with little ones of different ages.

There are also fun colors and flavors of flouride rinse, if your children are old enough to understand not to swallow it, the recommended age is usually on the bottle for these too. Bright pink liquid in a bottle with a princess or blue liquid with a superhero on it, you get the idea!

Sugar Happens

The last thing we want to do is stress everyone out and have you thinking that avoiding sugar altogether is the way to go.

In our opinion, sugar is a part of our lives to a certain extent and managing tooth enamel can be a great way to go.

Read our post on How to Remineralize Teeth and let go of the stress and guilt around sugar and children’s teeth. Xylitol gum or lozenges, flouride and MI Paste are all discussed. As well as trying to shift the mindset from ‘sugar is bad, avoid sugar as much as possible and then feel concerned/guilty when we eat it’ to ‘yes, sugar is part of modern life, what can we do to counteract some of the damage’.

Interestingly, it’s how often sugar is eaten rather than the quantity that matters. Good to keep in mind and perhaps some strategic xylitol gum chewing if you know it’s going to be a sugary day.

More posts on ‘Vancouver dentist cavities kids

Here are some more of our blog posts that we think you may enjoy. They are all related to the search ‘Vancouver dentist cavities kids‘.

Teach Me How to Brushy!

Sonicare for Kids – Electric toothbrush anyone? This can make tooth brushing less boring for the children.

The Best Way to Look After Children’s Teeth.

Contact Us today! We look forward to hearing from you. 604.738.1816 |

Contact – Dental Clinic Vancouver – Kits Family Dental


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Dentist Near Me on West Broadway – Kits Family Dental

Dentist near me in Kitsilano, VancouverWelcome To Kits Family Dental! – Dentist Near Me on West Broadway in Kitsilano

As our name implies, we are located in beautiful Kitsilano, Vancouver. Our address is  2223 West Broadway in suite 207 (reception, please check in here) and suite 209, near Arbutus Street.

We are accepting new patients and have weekend and evening hours!

Currently we have four dentists. They are Dr. Robin Mak, Dr. Sakura Iwagami, Dr. Courtney Butler and Dr. Ann Lu. Find out more About Us.

Would you like some reassurance? Read our Vancouver Dentist Reviews

Facebook dentist reviews for Vancouver for Kits Family Dental. We are currently at 4.9 out of 5 stars. Thank you so much to all who reviewed us. We appreciate it!

We are rated 4.6 out of 5 in the Google Reviews and currently have 18 reviews. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We have one Vancouver dentist review on Yellow pages and are proud to say it is a 5 star review. Thank you again so much for your review.

About Your Dentist Near Me on West Broadway, Vancouver

Our office treats patients of all ages, from your baby at 6 months old to people well into their retirement years.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, preventive dentistry to all our patients. Our focus and commitment is towards patient education. From teaching parents how to care for their babies’ and young children’s teeth, to giving adolescents and adults the special care they may need to restore their oral health, we are here to help and guide you every step of the way.

Our dedicated and friendly staff provide an easy-going office environment where we value your health, dental concerns, and personal choices. Together, we can give you the tools to prevent decay and maintain your optimal oral health.

Contact us today! We’re happy to hear from you!
604.738.1816 |
Online Booking is available too!

This post is also applicable for people who are looking for a:

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Dentist near me on West Broadway
Dentist near me Kits, Vancouver
Dentist near me West Side Vancouver
Dentist near me Kitsilano Vancouver
Dentist near me Broadway Vancouver
Dentist near me 4th ave Vancouver
Dentist near me Point Grey Vancouver

We are close to (or in!) all of the above locations. As mentioned, we have 4 dentists and we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to fit your dental appointments into your busy schedule.

More blog posts you may be interested in:

We are now a team of 4 female dentists in Vancouver!

Dentist open Saturday in Vancouver, BC

Westender awards us Best Dentist in Vancouver in 2017

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How Much is Invisalign in Vancouver BC?

How Much is Invisalign in Vancouver BC? Cost of Invisalign in Vancouver BCHow Much is Invisalign in Vancouver, BC? The cost of Invisalign braces is comparable to the cost of traditional wire braces.

The cost will of course depend on the type of treatment required, how long the treatment will take, as well as your orthodontic insurance coverage.

Many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign and payment plan options with your dentist are often available.

How Much is Invisalign in Vancouver BC?

Traditional braces average a cost of about $5,000 – $7,000 and on average take about 1.5 – 2 years to complete treatment.

The simplest treatments can start at about $3,500. More complex treatments can land in the average range of $5,000 – $7,000 and some treatments can cost more than that.

Invisalign costs run about the same as those and treatment time does as well.

Of course each patient is unique and must be professionally assessed to come up with the cost and specific Invisalign treatment plan for them. But this blog post should give you a general idea of what it would cost to get Invisalign in Vancouver BC. Sometimes a ballpark figure or range are really what people are looking for as an initial starting point. So hopefully this will be of help to you.

Invisalign is a proven technology that hundreds of thousands of people have already utilized. We are proud to offer Invisalign in our Kitsilano, Vancouver dental office.

We have a page in our Products section devoted to what invisalign is and how it works. Please have a look there if you’re new to invisible braces or just want to have a bit more information on the process.

For more information about invisalign or to book a consultation please contact our practice.

About Us

The dentists at this Kitsilano dentist office are Dr. Robin Mak, Dr. Sakura Iwagami, Dr. Courtney Butler and Dr. Ann Lu. We are a family focused office that works with children of all ages and also the entire family. We have weekend and evening hours available to accommodate various schedules.

More Posts on How Much Dental Services Cost in Vancouver BC

We are happy to bring you this blog post on How Much is Invisalign in Vancouver BC. See more of our recent blog posts on other costs of dental care in Vancouver such as How much does a dental crown cost in Vancouver BC, How much does a dental cleaning cost in Vancouver BC or How much are custom mouth guards in Vancouver BC.

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A 2-Year-Old’s Dental Visit – Video

Watch this video of a 2-Year-Old’s Dental Visit at Kits Family Dental, it’s our most popular YouTube video ever.

Dr. Robin Mak sees a 2 year-old child for her dental visit. Dr. Mak completes a full pediatric examination, shows  parents how to brush and floss, and cleans and polishes the child’s teeth.

This video currently has over 51,000 views on our YouTube channel. We thought this was something we should highlight for our patients!

We hope that you find this video informative and useful, especially for parents and children for early dental visits. We think that parents are probably watching the video to get an idea of what to expect from a young child’s dental visit, maybe even the first dental visit. Also, we think maybe parents are showing their toddlers and young children the video so the child themselves can have an idea of what to expect. Please let us know!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Dr. Mak’s young patients to see a video that actually features Dr. Mak!

Videos on Toddler Fillings, Cleanings and More

Want more? All of our videos can be found on our website, or hop on over to our YouTube Channel for more kids dentist videos.

We have a Toddler Getting a Filling / Kids Fillings video that is also very popular. Our most recent video is on Removing Tartar From Toddlers Teeth – A Child’s Cleaning at the Dentist is already the third most popular of our videos.

Kits Family Dental – A Dentist for Children in Kitsilano, Vancouver

If you are looking for a dentist for your toddler in Vancouver BC, please consider Kits Family Dental. We are kind, gentle, highly skilled, experienced with children and professional. As you can see in some of our videos, we manage to distract and keep the attention of children by singing with them, explaining the basics of what is coming and reassuring them along the way. We find that even with very young children our techniques work a great majority of the time, even for fillings! View a toddler getting a filling in the the video we mentioned above. Contact Us!

Pediatric Dentist Vancouver, Kids dentist in Vancouver BC, Kitsilano Kids dentist

Here is a picture of Dr. Mak with one of our youngest (and cutest!) patients.















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Treatments to Remineralize Teeth

vancouver remineralize teeth treatment, vancouver dentist

How to Remineralize Teeth

There are things that you can do to strengthen up your (or your kids) teeth.

We all know that sugar is bad for teeth because it dissolves the tooth enamel.

Many of us also know that the frequency and duration that the sugar is on the teeth matters more than the overall amount eaten, at least from a tooth enamel perspective.

Less known for many of us are the ways to build up and strengthen the tooth enamel.

This is also known as how to ‘remineralize’ teeth.

We all have sweet treats now and again, even regularly for many of us. As well as the bigger celebrations that involve sweets such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, birthdays and so on, there’s also various parties at school, and “treats” with some kids sports teams. Many of us have at least one little treat daily.

We recognize that for most people, teeth are getting exposure to sugar pretty regularly.

A good question to ask is, what are the treatments that are available to remineralize teeth?


Xylitol, which can be found in some sugar free gum and lozenges, promotes remineralization of the teeth.

Research has shown that the use of gum containing xylitol reduces plaque and gum inflammation and helps the remineralization process.

As a bonus, this one definitely won’t be a hard sell to the under twelve aged crowd.

MI Paste

MI Paste is another great option. It comes in a tube like toothpaste and is available in a variety of flavors.

We carry it here at our office.

MI Paste helps to remineralize surface decalicification and white-spot lesions.

It can deliver calcium and phosphate directly to the tooth surface. Calcium and phosphate are known to strengthen tooth enamel. All good. Get MI Paste here>>


And of course, fluoride. We’ve discussed fluoride at length in the past as well as seen it for ourselves how children that come from provinces or cities with fluoridated water have few to no cavities. These kids eat pretty much the same diets as kids from cities without fluoride, who often have multiple cavities and at a young age. Fluoride toothpaste is a must as far as we are concerned. In addition to fluoride toothpaste, there is fluoride treatment available at the dentist office. There are fluoride tablets as well and kids fluoride rinse which can be the easiest since it comes in fun colors, flavors that appeal to kids and often has beloved children’s’ characters on the label.

Let’s Switch the Mindset from “Guilt” to “Prevention”

These all sound like easy, inexpensive and well proven methods to strengthen and remineralize the teeth.

So, in a proactive way, it may be nice to shift the mindset from ‘sugar is bad, avoid sugar as much as possible and then feel concerned/guilty when we eat it’ to ‘yes, sugar is part of modern life, what can we do to counteract some of the damage’.

Pop in to Kits Family Dental for a flouride treatment, to pick up some MI Paste or to have a chat with us about any of your dental-related concerns.











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