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We Love this Post “Simple Hacks For a Celebrity Smile”

We love this post Simple Hacks For a Celebrity Smile from Pearl Dental in NYC. There is a great list of simple hacks you can do at home. Pick and choose what works for you. While drinking coffee through a … Continue reading

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Wisdom Tooth Development Stages

Wisdom teeth usually grow in between the ages of about 17 and 21. They are also sometimes called the ‘third molar’. Wisdom teeth grow in sets on the top and the bottom, and they are situated at the back of … Continue reading

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POLANIGHT & POLADAY Teeth Whitening in Vancouver BC

Get immediate results with POLANIGHT and POLADAY teeth whitening in Vancouver BC! You may not have heard of POLA teeth whitening. It’s a $200 whitening kit that comes with custom trays and includes 2 tubes of POLADAY or POLANIGHT gel … Continue reading

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Invisalign Clear Braces Are Available at Kits Family Dental

Kits Family Dental is located at 2223 West Broadway in Vancouver, BC. We are a team of four dentists and we have weekend and evening hours to accommodate your busy schedule. (That said, we are closed the weeks of December … Continue reading

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Reviews for Kits Family Dental | Dentist Review Vancouver

Write a Review For Us or Read Our Reviews Read or write a review for Kits Family Dental on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. We’d love to have your help sharing the word about the service we provide! Thank You for … Continue reading

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Kids Cavities – Experienced Vancouver Dentists at Kits Family Dental

All four of our dentists at Kits Family Dental treat kids cavities and have pretty much seen it all. We’re so familiar with treating kids cavities, we even published a YouTube video on it! We understand that fixing kids cavities … Continue reading

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Dentist Near Me on West Broadway – Kits Family Dental

Welcome To Kits Family Dental! – Dentist Near Me on West Broadway in Kitsilano As our name implies, we are located in beautiful Kitsilano, Vancouver. Our address is  2223 West Broadway in suite 207 (reception, please check in here) and … Continue reading

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How Much is Invisalign in Vancouver BC?

How Much is Invisalign in Vancouver, BC? The cost of Invisalign braces is comparable to the cost of traditional wire braces. The cost will of course depend on the type of treatment required, how long the treatment will take, as … Continue reading

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A 2-Year-Old’s Dental Visit – Video

Watch this video of a 2-Year-Old’s Dental Visit at Kits Family Dental, it’s our most popular YouTube video ever. Dr. Robin Mak sees a 2 year-old child for her dental visit. Dr. Mak completes a full pediatric examination, shows  parents … Continue reading

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Treatments to Remineralize Teeth

How to Remineralize Teeth There are things that you can do to strengthen up your (or your kids) teeth. We all know that sugar is bad for teeth because it dissolves the tooth enamel. Many of us also know that … Continue reading

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