Dr. Courtney Butler

Dr. Courtney Butler started with Kits Family Dental in January 2017, Tuesdays only.

Dr. Butler was born and raised in Vancouver. She obtained her Bachelor of Science with distinction degree from the University of Victoria and completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at UBC.

Dr. Butler comes from a family of health care professionals and is dedicated to healing and caring for others. Her father is an eye surgeon and her mother is a registered nurse. Also, she has had extensive volunteer experience in dentistry both here in Canada and abroad, including East Vancouver, Chemainus, Vietnam and Guatemala!

Her patients best interests always come first and her philosophy is to provide the highest quality treatment for patients in a comprehensive, conservative and comfortable manner.

Aside from her passion for dentistry, she enjoys a balanced west coast lifestyle including hiking, biking and skiing. Dr. Butler also loves to cook, play tennis, pursue photography and travel.